Meet Destinations On Google –  New Ways To Plan Your Vacation


Meet Destinations on Google. It’s designed to help you discover and plan your perfect

vacation on the go by doing the heavy lifting for you. Simply search with Google on

your mobile for a state, country, or continent you’d like to travel to and add the word

vacation” or “destination” to get the stuff you need at your fingertips.


Google Destination may be a mobile App, right? But it is not! Google Destination is

launched through the Google Search page, mainly for users who want to travel,

compare air tickets and hotels at different times. There is even the weather can be

Know and tell the user which day is good weather.


User have to open Google via phone, and then enter the name of the place you want to

travel, and add “destination” word. Google will shows a number of column options.

However, Google Destination is very intimate, allowing users to find their own interests

in accordance with the attractions, such as “Malacca food“, “hotel” and so on.


Google Destination also provided “Flexible Dates” and “Explore” options. It’s allows

users to set the location and their favorite period, to show the lowest tickets in that

month and Hotel prices.

Introducing Destination on Google:




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