Maxis – Power of ONE: 4G Smartphone And Chromecast Only For RM1!


Good news for MaxisONE Plan users!

Have you ever heard of a smartphone selling at only RM1? Here’s your chance!

All MaxisONE plan users, now you can walk home with one of the best 4G

smartphones and other amazing devices for only RM1 each!

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? But it’s true!

What’s  Maxis Power of ONE?

” There’s Your RM1 is about to get a whole lot bigger with MaxisONE. Join the

craziest phone sale in history and get the best-selling 4G smartphones

for only RM1!”



Power of ONE promotion launched by Maxis, whether you are a new user or old users,

as long as you are signed in MaxisONE plan, you can enjoy to buy the most popular 4G

smartphone with only RM1. The devices including Huawei P9, Samsung Galaxy J7,

Galaxy J5, OPPO F1s, Asus Zenfone Go, etc.

Noted: Only for users signed up MaxisONE plan 98 or above are eligible to enjoy

purchase 4G smartphone with RM1. For those who have signed up the contract less

than 3 months on the end, can also enjoy the RM1 promotion.



MaxisONE Home users can get Pocket WiFi, Chromecast, and WiFi extender with RM1.

For more information, please visit the Maxis official website.


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