Huawo 6081 Is The Copy Of Huawei Mate 10 Pro.


The Huawo 6081, and manufactured by Shenzhen Zehn Technology Co. Ltd. The phone was seen at MWC 2018.

The phone not only look alike like Mate 10 Pro but colors also comes in similar too. The overall screen, rear fingerprint, dual camera, flash, laser focus module position layout, color style, back trim strip is almost look the same and the only different the Huawo 6081 is the second lens of dual camera is slightly smaller Only.


Mate 10 Pro (Huawei) vs Huawo

The Huawo 6081 comes with 6” FHD+ INCELL display. It is powered by a MediaTek 6750T processor. 4GB of RAM and 64GB ROM.

There are 13MP dual cameras on rear and an 8MP selfie camera. The Huawo 6081 also has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, NFC, and a 3200mAh battery capacity with support for fast charging via a USB-C port.

Huawo 6081 also comes with wireless charging support and It runs Android 8.0 Oreo. Colors are in black, gold, blue, and gray.


The phone is not yet available for purchase and production hasn’t begun yet too. That’s not much info can get to know about Huawo 6081 now.

Just to clarify, Huawo has no relationship with Huawei.










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