CONTOUR by Slickwraps-First Do-It-Yourself Maker Of Wraps For Mobile Devices.

CONTOUR by Slickwraps is a machine to allow you to change your mobile skins anytime and any design you like. It have worked with Mongolian engineer Edward Nara, to create a product which can spray a durable yet safely removable skin. And it made from 3M materials.

And the machine able to recreate entire catalog of textures and appearances such as wood, glow, carbon fiber, and more.

CONTOUR is just a small machine with sizes 370 x 340 x 240mm (14.5 x 13.4 x 9.4″). It’s quickly and easily to protect your devices.

It’s look small enough to fit on a desktop, Contour works like a 3D printer, spraying a durable skin made of advance materials directly onto iPhone, Androids and Apple iPad mini as well as kindle tablets. And other mobile electronic devices!

Contour is easy to use. It initiate coverage from iOS and Android enabled apps or simply use a Windows, OSX, or Linux computer.

You just need to place your device on the bed using the guidelines, close the door, insert a vinyl cartridge of your choice, then press OK.

AWESOME, right!!!




[VIDEO] Contour by Slickwraps




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Source: CONTOUR/ Slickwraps


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