Android Accomplishes Record 87.5% of Worldwide Smartphone Shipments In Q3 2016

A report from research company Strategy Analytics ensures that Android has

accomplished a record high 87.5% of overall smartphone shipments as of Q3 2016.

There were 375 million smartphones sent in the second from last quarter, a 6%

development on a comparative quarter a year back, with Android units growing

10.3% year-on-year, communicates the report.


Neil Mawston, Official Chief at Methodology Examination, said: “Android’s pick up came

to the detriment of each real opponent stage. Apple iOS lost ground to Android and

plunged to 12% share worldwide in Q3 2016, because of a dreary execution in

China and Africa.”


Check out the details in the chart below:


Though overall smartphone shipments expanded, Apple’s iOS units were down 5.2%

contrasted with a similar quarter a year ago. Phone shipments for different stages,

including Windows and BlackBerry, diminished 84.1% year-on-year.



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Source: Android Authority


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