Amazon Go The World’s Most Advanced Shopping Technology . No Line, No Checkout – Just Grab And Go!

pic1Amazon is testing a grocery store into downtown Seattle up to expectation lets clients walk in, grab food from the shelves and walk out again, without ever having to stand in a checkout line.

The service is called Amazon Go. It makes use of computer learning, sensors and artificial intelligence to track items customers pick up.


The technology “is amazing,” said Phil Lempert, a food marketing expert based in Los Angeles.


When you look at the store itself in the video (and presumably it is the actual store), they have done a great job of merchandising, and having “meal kits” available is simply brilliant. As the meal-kit industry struggles due to the shipping/logistics aspect, said Lempert.



The Seattle-based company calls it, “Just walk out technology.”




Source: usatoday,


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