Hey Android fans out there!

Google just announced Android N, the developer preview of the next version of its mobile OS.

Everyone was surprised how quick Google has come out with the next Android version 7.0 and starting early with this “work-in-progress” version to get feedback from developers so they can improve for the final release.

That means what we’re seeing right now is not ready for the rest of us just yet.

For now, we’re getting a taste of what the new flavor of Android will have, with more features to come.

#1 Settings App Redesigned

Now each category will show a little information inside it before you click.

For example Wifi will tells you which network that you connect with, Battery tells you much battery you have left and others.

Credit: MKBHD

And there’s a Quicklink Menus when you left swipe. This will come handy when you no need to go back and forward to switch the Settings categories.

Credit: MKBHD

#2 Multi-window

With multi-window feature, you can see apps in a split screen.

Samsung phones have been using this feature in a few years, and now it’ll soon come to many more Android devices.

Credit: MKBHD

#3 Reply in a Notification

Google will now let you reply to text messages from the notification shade.

When you get a new message, a little alert will pop up at the top of the screen and you can type your reply right there and go back to what you were doing.

iOS has had a similar feature for awhile, so it’s great to see it come to Android.

Credit: MKBHD

#4 Bundles of Notifications

If your notification menu is a mess of alerts, this feature might help.

Developers will be able to group together notifications from their app.

You’ll see a bundle of notifications from each app in the menu, and you’ll just tap the bundle to expand it and see each individual alert.

Credit: MKBHD

#5 Dark Mode

Now you can use a functional Night Mode in Android which reverse the colors in major core apps like Settings.

It use dark color background so will be useful when you use your phone at night.

Credit: MKBHD

Source: CNet.com

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