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The Reason

I was thinking on what to view ASUS Zenfone 3 as.

A Car? A Superhero? A Phone?

Then I realize a superhero that has many generations, type, color and most importantly the one represent the color of the phone that I got…Power Ranger Gold.

Sound right kan?

The finishing on its body really look like you’re holding a flaghsip phone.

The Ultimate ASUS Gold Phone

Well, after months of excitement and waiting for the Zenfone 3 (and of course some worries on the specs versus the suggested retail price).

We have this new fresh addition to the Zenfone series from ASUS.

How do I explain my feeling when I got the phone? Hurm…

Well, it’s a very fresh and premium design.

Better than any ASUS phone I have ever hold, see or reviewed.

This is the most impressive so far but for this model, the underlying factor didn’t match the external beauty and gorgeousness but I do believe the Deluxe would be able to do so but at a very heavy price tag.


The Specifications


Power button and volume rocker at the right side of the phone.
For the first time Zenfone 3 is using USB Type-C.
Camera with Sony IMX318 sensor and fingerprint scanner at the back.
ASUS logo at the bottom back of the phone.

Overall Findings


After 1 week using the phone, I do agree this is a all rounder phone that ASUS has produced.

It is also a very slim phone, the design is very appealing and it does has all the important factor to produce a decent all rounder phone and if you want more, Deluxe and Ultra is there with extra moolah.


No quams here mate…it does delivers what you all need.


Great Feature About Zenfone Zoom

  1. Best Zenfone camera so far. Far better than Zenfone Zoom even. Yeah, Im not kidding.
  2. A fresh and super premium design and feel. A good addition to the Zenfone series (for now).
  3. Excellent screen brightness and colors compared to the previous model.
  4. Surprisingly good battery life. I was not expecting this as well.



What I Want From This Phone?

  1. Dual Lens camera is the in thing nowadays. ASUS will be left out soon with Honor 8, P9, iPhone 7 and even the new Redmi Note series.
  2. Dual sim hybrid is problem here as it shares the secondary SIM and Micro SD which actually one of ASUS  Zenfone plus point before. I want my separate slot! 😛
  3. ASUS  should provide a faster processor for this price. Cmon la…at least Snapdragon 650 or 808. 625 is just a too low for a RM1.7K phone.
  4. No fast charging for this phone which is a big big bummer. Unlike the Deluxe & Ultra variant that has this feature.




ASUS Zenfone 3 equipped with 16MP Camera, f/2.0 aperture, 6P Largan lens, Auto Focus, 0.03 second laser auto-focus, 32 second long exposure, 4-axis, 4 stops Optical Image Stabilization for steady photos and Dual-LED real tone flash.



Below are some sample photos taken from ASUS Zenfone Zoom.

Outdoor Shot





Indoor Shot











Potrait Shot





Night Shot





You Should Expect

  1. Superb photo taking ability that for me almost rival the S7 camera. I am looking forward to try the Deluxe and Ultra and see what is the difference.
  2. A very premium feel and design compare to the previous Zenfone series.
  3. A build quality like Samsung S7 but a far cheaper proposition. I did even compare side by side. It really feels the same (just a bit different from the appearance only).

You Shouldn’t Expect

  1. Expect this a very high specs phone even for its price. Its just your usual Snapdragon 625.
  2. Expect this will be the similar price range for any existing ASUS that you use or see before. It’s a 40% hike from the previous Zenfone 2. Haiz…
  3. A steep price for an ASUS especially if you compare to the previous Zenfone pricing.



A premium phone feel, design for its price. Indeed its steep but a lot to be desired from its Processor and GPU. Other than that aside for quick charging, its perfect!


For Who?

For those who are looking for a premium feel ASUS with enormous 4GB RAM that have a very good camera and smooth like silk.

Those look for a stable, very smooth phone with beautiful and gorgeous phone. This is the one.

Direct competitor would be: Samsung A5, Huawei G8, Xiaomi Mi5.

I would go for Zenfone 3 from this list as it does offer a huge 4GB RAM, 64GB internal, very premium S7 like build and very good battery optimization.



This one is easily scratch and fingerprint massive collection. I would highly recommend tempered glass front and back (those 2.5D from Nillkin) and a clear TPU case or if you can find a nice bumper, go for it.


Questions by Our Fans

List of questions asked by our fans on the ASUS Zenfone 3 ZE552KL

Q1: If there are many apps running at background is it will affect the smoothness of the phone when navigating?

Asnwer: Massive usage so far no issue even with GPS, Pokemon Go and 10+ Apps running. Very impressed with the speed and smoothness. Optimization level is good or the 4GB RAM handle all like a breeze.

Q2:  How’s the 4K video recording quality? Any flicker occurs?

Answer: Quite okay, so far no lag in taking the video. Question is, do you actually need 4K video?

Q3: How’s the selfie wide angle? How many people can get into one single shot?

Answer: This is very subjective. I feel its similar to the older Zenfone series and its up on the creativity on the picture taker to add as much as people.

Q4: Charging duration time from 0% to 100%?

Answer: 2 ½ Hours with the standard ASUS charger given.

Q5: How long does the Screen on Time (SoT) can cover the whole battery capacity?

Answer: This is very subjective but I really admire and surprise on the battery life. Its very good for a 3000mAh. I can easily last until late night and as for me I manage to get 7 hours SOT.

Q6: How’s the GPS performance? Is it fast and accurate enough?

Answer: Very fast and accurate even in my house, really useful for Pokemon Go a lot! :p


If you have anymore questions, please comment below and we will answer you.

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