HUAWEI Unveils New EMUI Ahead of Mate 10 Launch.

AI-Assisted Smart Color Selection Feature Works Intuitively with Lock and Home Screen

In the build up to the HUAWEI Mate 10 launch in October, the company unveils its new Emotion UI (EMUI), which will launch together with the flagship device. The beautiful interface of the new HUAWEI EMUI focuses on the aesthetic elements of the lock screen.

Powered by AI capabilities, the Mate 10 boasts a smart color selection feature that identifies the color scheme of the wallpaper and intelligently selects a complementary color for the text displayed on the lock screen and home screen.

This smart color selection feature is one of the many functions of HUAWEI’s new AI Chipset, the Kirin 970, providing a harmonious color scheme for the wallpaper and text display.

HUAWEI’s attention to detail and pursuit of excellence in product development, specifically the application of AI through breakthrough innovations such as the Kirin 970, will continue to deliver profound impact on the user experience in the coming years.

There are many reasons to be excited about the upcoming Mate 10, and this is just one of them.




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Source: Huawei


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