The Phone Case Design To Help People Release Unconscious Stress.

Busy modern people live in a busy life and facing a lot of stress, they are always anxious and unknowingly expressing stress in exhausting everyday life.


The designer have studied how to relieve this unconscious stress. People were unconsciously releasing their stresses by clicking, turning the pen, or rolling the mouse wheel, and so on.

By analyzing the behavior patterns of these users, designer introduced the same functions as the ‘FIDGET TOY’ to the case of the mobile phone.


The phone case which can help people to release unconscious stress is PIDGET CASE and designed by Jaeyeon Choi.

This phone case has 5 functions:
  • Click: It gives a cool sensation as it explodes the air cap.
  • Spin: It gives you a sense of accomplishment by turning in the direction you want.
  • Flip: If you tick the button, it makes you happy.
  • Roll:By turning four dials, you can feel the light feeling.
  • Breath: You can feel a sense of relaxing by rubbing your fingers in concave grooves.
These features can relieve stress, improve concentration and have fun.


What do you think of the phone case? Will you get it and try to release your stress?







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Source: Behance/choijaeyeon


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