The Huawei Mate 10 Photography Tutorial.

Huawei Mate 10 is the World’s first mobile AI processor built-in A.I. capabilities via its NPU (neural processing unit).

Huawei Mate 10 continue with 3rd generation of Leica Dual Lens. Both lens have dual f/1.6 rear camera setups, featuring with 20MP monochrome lens and a 12MP RGB lens with optical image stabilization. The front-facing camera will be the standard with 8MP selfie lens.

The Mate 10 camera with built-in AI platform, when you point the at different subjects, the camera will automatically switches into the AI mode for whatever it recognizes in the frame as picture show on top. The camera can recognize up to 13 scenes right now, including landscapes, low-light, portrait, flower, sunset, snow, cat, dog and text. The camera also adjusts its capture parameters to suit the occasion, fine-tuning exposure, contrast, saturation, and shooting modes to help you produce the best possible picture. Huawei says the AI-powered model will evolve so that it recognizes more scenes and learns to identify more objects.

p4Huawei Mate 10 camera modes.

Photo galleries snap by Mate 10:

p6Auto mode.

p7HDR mode.








p18Monochrome mode.

Portrait mode with Bokeh effect.



Huawei Mate 10 vs Galaxy Note FE camera.



Huawei Mate 10 3D Panorama Mode








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