[HOW TO] ZenFone 4 Series Photography Tips & Tricks | ASUS

Every moment is a unique opportunity for capturing magnificent photos. With every photo taken on ZenFone, ordinary days become extraordinary and every moment becomes more meaningful.


ASUS have released a ZenFone 4 Series photography tips & tricks.

  • How to Shoot Beauty Mode
  • How to Shoot Wide Angle
  • How to Shoot Super Resolution
  • How to Shoot Slow Motion
  • How to Shoot Potrait
  • How to Shoot Gif
  • How to Shoot Wide Angle Selfie
  • How to Shoot Zoom
  • How to Shoot Time-lapse
  • How to Shoot Beauty Live
  • How to Shoot Moving Light

Explore more about ZenFone 4 series photography tips and tricks here.

Live the shot – ZenFone 4 series | ASUS








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Source: ASUS

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