Bluetooth keyboards are essential for knocking out an afternoon of emails (or a chapter of your novel) on an iPad.

But they’re usually pret-ty boring in the visual department.

This specimen here is the Oree Board 2, a Bluetooth keyboard made entirely of wood.

Well the switches and electronics aren’t made of wood, but the keys and case are.


You can pick between a light maple or a darker walnut, and you can choose whatever keyboard layout you prefer.

You can even choose the typeface that appears on the keys.


The shell and the keys are all cut from the same piece of wood, so the keyboard retains the plank’s beautiful, natural grain.

It’ll work with your Mac, an iOS device, or any Windows device with Bluetooth capability.


Besides wooden wireless keyboard, Oree also produced other gadgets that made of wood.



It’s a Smartphone wireless charger crafted from single piece of premium wood or marble.

It also includes a high end Bluetooth speaker for hands-free calls & music (optional).

Touch Slab


Multi touch trackpad that also serves as a numerical keypad made from a single piece of premium maple or walnut wood.


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